Smith & Wesson Knives


Smith and Wesson OTF (Out the Front) knives are popular among knife enthusiasts for their quick and easy deployment mechanism. These knives are designed with a spring-loaded blade that is deployed through the front of the handle, making them ideal for one-handed use in situations where you need to keep your other hand free. Smith and Wesson offers a range of out the front knives with different blade lengths and styles to suit various needs. The knives are built with high-quality materials and are designed to be durable and reliable. AutoKnives offers a selection of S&W pocket knives with an attractive tactical black finish, aluminum blade steel, and an effective thumb slide for easy use.


An assisted opening knife is a type of OTF knife. Different from an out the side knife, the blade actually opens and closes through an opening on the top of the handle. When you push the thumb slide, the blade leaves the closed position. With a single action knife, you must reset the blade before using the firing button again.


Out the front knives are known for being convenient, fast action, and fun to use. Depending on your intended use and how much you are willing to spend, OTF knives can range anywhere from around 30 dollars to over 300 dollars. However, a Smith & Wesson assisted opening OTF knife has the perfect price range for a durable yet affordable knife.



Compared to a fixed blade knife, OTF knives are not usually as heavy duty, and the tougher projects should be left up to a stronger knife. However, you can use an OTF knife in the following situations:

  • Collecting
  • Self Defense
  • Tactical Intent
  • And More!


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