Engrave It! Knife Engraving at AutoKnives.com

Published by TD on 27th Dec 2022

Engrave It!

Get your knife engraved. Here are the details and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) of our Knife Engraving Program here at AutoKnives.com.

We have a state of the art CO2 and Fiber laser and can engrave your next knife.

Simply find a knife from our engravable knife section and click the engrave it radio button. Then enter your engraving choices and we will take care of the rest.


1. What fonts can I choose from?

Here are the fonts we currently have available:


2. Where can you engrave my knife?

Generally we can engrave your selected knife on the front or back of the blade or on the front or back of the handle. Some exceptions based on knife design apply.

3. What is the cost?

We have a set cost of $12.00 per knife. When you choose the engraving option, the cost will automatically be added to your knife cost.

4. What about Logos?

We can engrave logos for 5 or more knives. Please contact us for set-up fee and engraving cost for your special project.

5. What about large orders?

For engraving orders over 12 knives, please contact us for custom pricing.

6. What about Returns?

Engraved knives are non-returnable due to the customization.